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Niger State College of Nursing Sciences
Our Students, our Pride
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Niger State College of Nursing Sciences
Our Students, our Pride
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With the desired need of manpower to run and maintain the state hospital, clinics and health centres, the Niger State Government decided to establish the present School of Midwifery in 1982 which was then headed by Mrs F. M. Abu. An application for its establishment was then submitted to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and an initial inspection visit was made in 1983 to give a provisional approval for recruitment and training of two sets of Basic Midwives yearly, the first set in March, 1983 had a total number of 19 students. The Basic programme was run from 1983-1987. During the tenure of Mrs Jummai Mustapha, the second principal, the school began the post Midwifery Training and the Basic Midwifery was stopped. The first set of 45 students of post Basic Midwifery were admitted in 1986.

The school since then has worked closely with the Council, using their curriculum. The council on its own hand has

visited the school twice on inspection in 1995 and 1998 respectively following which the school has witnessed a dramatic change in physical structure, facility and manpower. At present, the recent development on upgrading of nursing education as manifested on the stand of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to not only affiliate all schools to the university out also to make general nursing the first entry point into the profession (Gombe 2005 Nurse Leaders Forum) the school is left with no option than to run only the Post-Basic Programme (Later to become Post-Graduate Diploma) in Midwifery when the Institution eventually will hopefully be part of state owned IBB University

Our Mission

To assess the basic health needs of the community with special reference to the child-bearing family.

Manage uncomplicated and commonly occurring disease condition during antenatal, and post-natal periods of the child bearing cycle

To function independently, and in collaboration with other members of the health team and related sectors

Effectively organize and manage clinics to achieve the goal of health maintenance, by utilizing available human and material resources

Effect changes in the reproductive patterns of the community by demonstrating competency in educating individuals and groups and in prescribing, administering and monitoring the effect of family planning devices.

Our Vision
The school postulated the following vision:

the midwifery practice must utilize the family as the central focus in the provision of care for the expectant mothers.

In partnering with expectant mothers, midwifery-client relationship should be guided to make decision regarding her health goals.

Midwifery education should be able to develop specialized skills in midwifery practice and encourage her to continuously refine such practices by keeping abreast with current literature on the practice of midwifery and by attending continuing education programmes.

To make an input towards achievement of the millennium development goal .

School Song/Anthem:

Blessed assurance learning is mine, Oh what a fortress of knowledge divine, Watching and waiting for changes galore, I must be with those to accept such change.

These are my feelings, these are my hopes, Being responsive to my clients’ need. These are my feelings, these are my hopes Being responsive to my client s needs.

Midwives be ready, we must match on Future is glorious that passes by gone We are now ready to match on with pride Nothing will stop us, the spirit is high

Safe birth for mothers, fathers and all Midwives are paused now, For this clarion call I am now ready to improve myself, Matching as always to maintain good health.

Niger State College of Nursing Sciences. We are full Cooperate Institution with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Established by Decree 89 1979 This primer Institution is under the supervision of the State Ministry of Tertiary Education.

Director School of Midwifery- Minna

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Juliana D. Auta
Juliana D. Auta is the present Director of the school of Midwifery, Minna. An indigene of Gurara Local Government of Niger State- Nigeria. She Holds B.Sc Nursing, Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery, Certificate in Nurse Tutor. Madam Juliana also attended LEA Primary School Diko in 1977, Government Girls Secondary School, Tunga Magajiya in 1986. Her Career started has far back in 1986 when she secured an appointment with the Niger State Government as a Midwife at General Hospital, Kagara and later joined General hospital, Minna as Nurse/Midwife between 1988-2003. Juliana became clinical Instructor at school of Midwifery in 2003 till 2009 when she was promoted to the rank of Chief Midwife Tutor in this same college. However, her Recently last post held was the post of a Deputy academic Director at the school of Midwifery Minna and Now She is the active Director till date. Juliana D. Auta also has also had both National and International Credits added to her profession.